Monday, November 30, 2015

The Gathering

Taken October 29, 2015.

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  1. Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. I got to see my niece & husband who live in NYC and my nephew, wife, & kid who live in Dallas so it was worth all the holiday angst for me.

  2. We did the annual cookie bake - 28 batches of a Greek cookie. Everyone loves them so whenever we think of cutting back, the kids promise to do more.

    Exhausting but fun.

  3. House addition status: we are down to doors being installed on cabinets, gutters being installed on roof, and built-in chest being installed in bedroom. Oh yeah, and lot of cleanup (even the dust has dust).

    Shot from the same spot: [Twitter pic of the day:west] and [Twitter pic of the day:east]

  4. Morning Everyone,

    T'giving day I got checked out of hospital and went to my nieces house for the T'giving get together of all the family. Had a great time, but more than ready to get back home. All told I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and Rehab for almost 2 months. In the Rehab I was first there for IV antibiotics for an infection I had gotten in my knee. Then when they were done, they kept me there until the wound in my knee healed. At first I wasn't slated for any rehab, but I requested both Occupational and Physical Therapy, but only got the OT. PT said they couldn't do anything until the pins came out of my right leg. The pins are staying in for another 2 month. But I can do that standing on my head. :)

    A little over 2 months is a saga if you get to talking about it, so I won't go any farther. Thanks goodness they all say. :-)

    Hope everyone is doing well and take care


    1. Don't stand on your head too long -- your toes will fall off from lack of blood. :D

      Seriously, I am so glad that things seem to be going better for you.

    2. Hi there Whit -- so good to hear from you and that you were able to get the surgery and rehab and that things seem to be progressing! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving with family!