Thursday, August 6, 2015

Night Light

Taken July 14, 2015.

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  1. Morning Andi,

    Things are pretty much the same down here. I've been fighting a bad cold for the last couple of days. My cousin took me to SAM's last month and I purchased a god awful lot of Kleenex. At the time I thought it was too much, but now I'm glad I did.

    I still don't know when my knee surgery will be. We're waiting for the VA to get its act together and the paperwork done. Actually I've had nothing but praise for the VA in the speed and efficiency in which they've handled all my medical needs. I guess even with everything running smoothly you'll run into a brick wall every now and then.

    As usual it will be hot again today, but we've got a 50% chance of rain - Yipeeeeee! Everything is still pretty green down here, but we'll take all the rain we can get.

    Hope everything is going fine for everybody and have a good one.

    1. I hope they get efficient about your knee very soon.

      Raining here today which isn't too dreadful since it had kept off raining long enough for things to dry out.