Thursday, June 4, 2015

Zen Sniff ponders the measure of one valley greening

Taken May 21, 2015.

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  1. Very nice. Still chilly here but getting warmer.

  2. Sniff's picked quite a lovely spot to ponder in. :D

    1. He picked it just for you -- he knows how much you enjoy both the woods and his magnificent zen-ness so he combined the two. :)

  3. Hello Everybody,

    Well I've gotten back on the net again. I'm out of the VA now, but still in the wheelchair. The Dr. said it might take up to a year before I walk normally. But after the refurbishment of the building we have an exercise room. So we still have all the equipment (well just about all) and I can't wait to walk normally again.

    I hope everyone there is doing fine. I'm finding it kind of difficult to type now. It seems like what I have has effected my left hand. I can use half of it, but not the other half. That makes it difficult to type, not to mention other things

    Andi you wanted to know if it was all right to send my last post to Booman. Anything I type it's always alright to send over there. I hope everyone over there is doing fine too. I tried to send you a message back saying that, but with my brothers pad I could get back on the net. Anyway the answer is yes.

    Well gotta go, as I said, typing with my left hand is kinda difficult.

    Take Care,