Thursday, June 11, 2015

Barely There

Taken May 22, 2015.

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  1. Jim and I went out to eat last night with my sisters and some of her friends to celebrate her birthday and had a scrumptious dinner at an Afghan restaurant in the nearby college town. Yay for college towns and their much, much more diverse culinary offerings than a place of that size would normally have.

    [Twitter pic of the day]

  2. Sounds great!

    Tell us about the pic… algae in an eddy on the creek? Is that some kind of bug in the upper left?

    I had to blog about Daughter Dearest trying to give her old man a heart attack… :-P

    1. No algae in this pic although there is some in places in the creek. The green is just a reflection. Upper left is a wet leaf.

      Oh boy, 350 more days or so of wedding planning trauma. ;)

  3. Larry, I do not envy you the wedding stuff. Coworker's daughter just got married in traditional Indian wedding. Evidently, there was dancing - as in, the groomsmen danced their way in, drones with cameras shooting the event, live-streaming/Skyping the event on big screen with the relatives in India, dozens upon dozens of yellow and orange saris, and much, much more. I can't wait to see the photos.

    IoN - news breaking today re: the death of two greats - Sir Christopher Lee and Ron Moody.

    Christopher Lee was my 1st Dracula. He's responsible for my obsession with Sat/Sun afternoon Hammer films on TV, not to mention his brilliant interpretation of Saruman in LoTR.

    Ron Moody will always live in my heart as Fagin. I went to see Oliver! at the movie theater in original release. It was my first kid/friend outing at age 10. My friend's mom drove us to/from. I still know all the songs.

    Glad they both lived long, prosperous and hopefully happy lives.

  4. Weddings can be killer planning! Good luck, Larry.

    Hot here with bad air quality. And that is how I feel.

  5. Yeah, wedding planning. Daughter Dearest dragged me upstairs with her last night & showed me a her "engagement pics" Pinterest board. Thankfully, she doesn't plan to do them all, but I think I'm going to be busy this weekend.

    1. I am so glad these pre-wedding photo shoots weren't a thing when we got married. I hate having my picture taken but my mom (who is a photo-holic) would have been all over it.