Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Closer to Home

Taken April 20, 2015.

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  1. And two weeks later, both the redbud and dogwood blossoms are still making that side of the house look very pretty. And now they've got a full complement of green all around. I love spring.

  2. So pretty!!

    I've mostly been working and fretting about my move next spring. Trying to budget out what's most cost-effective has me in a circle of woe. full service movers vs. pod thingie vs. selling/donating stuff and hauling small trailer. Each has its drawbacks. Thanks to my physical limitations, the full service movers seem to be the best option, but OUCH, so expensive.

    Option 3 was going to be my option, but even if I sell/donate all my furniture, most of my books, I still have too much to fit in the back of Phil, and I'm very uneasy with pulling a trailer (something I've never done.)

    At least I have time to decide.

    1. Ugh, complications. Maybe someone would like a trip to Texas and would drive small U-haul down for you. Even if you paid for a plane ticket back, it would be cheaper than movers.

  3. That is really pretty! Do they have much of a scent?

  4. Back form Malice. It was wonderful but very tiring.

    Maria, I hope everything works out. Moving is hard enough without stressing over things like that.

  5. Welcome back home, Dina.

    [Twitter pic of the day] is another view of the redbuds and dogwoods.