Monday, December 22, 2014

Good Morning Moon

Moon at dawn taken November 10, 2014.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Happy shorter work week to all the worker bees.
    Happy I've got all my holiday stuff done to all who have it done.
    Unhappy better get your ass in gear to all who haven't.

  2. I second that, Andi. And I am happy to be one of the ones that has it all done.

    What a beautiful picture! Just love the way you captured the moon.

    1. Thanks, Dina. The moon doesn't usually show up so nicely in the early morning (and for that matter the eastern sky isn't usually that nice color).

  3. Everything's blue BUT the moon!

    I made a batch of peanut butter cookies last night. Not a grandma's secret recipe, just one off a Crisco-sticks container that I modified slightly, but I've been told it beats everyone else's cookies. Today it's choc chip cookies and cinnamon rolls. Wednesday I'll make the grandma's secret recipe rolls for the Big Day. Mason's with his dad until then, so I get to sleep late and have time to get stuff done…

    So I'm geared for the final push through the crazy. Let's do this!

    Oh, and I've started a new superhero serial on my blog. :-)

  4. Happy morning, all - oh, wait, it's afternoon.

    Yummy for holiday baking, Larry. I am in deep envy.

    Working my 3 day week, and then a blissful staycation until 1/5!

    Happy holidays all!

  5. Christmas celebrations begin: going to Cincy today to see Jim's brother & family.

    [Twitter pic of the day]

  6. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!