Monday, October 20, 2014

Brown County Blow-Up

Taken September 8, 2014.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning all. Peak color is already past here and the oaks and beeches are still mostly green -- two weeks of rain and wind have thinned a lot of trees of their leaves so that the ground has a lot more red, yellow, and orange than the trees. I hope that doesn't damper the tourist trade as most of the income in this county depends on them.

  2. This is a great picture, Andi. I love the detail we can see.

    We had big winds yesterday and last night but at least my garbage can remained upright. Always a concern for me.

  3. Hola, fellow gangsters - I am still ticking. My bionic eye is still bionic - and healing. Amazing how much more clearly I can see, though the focus is not there yet.

    I'm hoping to have the doc do my right eye sooner than later. We shall see...(see what I did there?) (and I did it again...) hee!

    Yeah, it's Monday.

  4. Wow - neat shot! So much colour in everything.

    1. I'll bet the moth didn't think it was so neat. :)

  5. Morning! Yeah, I'm glad I'm not that moth. :-P Good to hear the Maria-eye-poking went well.

    Time to get the car warmed up, so I can drop Mason off at school & get on to work…