Monday, September 29, 2014

Shades of Light

Taken August 20, 2014.
Click images to see larger versions


  1. Welcome to the start of a new week. Hope it goes well for everyone.

  2. Love these pictures, Andi, particularly the elegance of the pose of today's!

    I was not online yesterday because I went on a road trip with my friend, Chris, to MA to see her daughter's tennis match. What made it extra special? Chris works for Jaguar and had a loaner so we drove in style. And the wonderful acceleration was very useful when a couple of tractor trailers forgot what lane they should be in.

    So tired but happy today.

    1. What a great reason to be absent -- you are excused. :)

  3. Oh these are so beautiful. Love them!

  4. Those pics feel like walking the Deep Forest, listening to the trees whisper, not sure what's going to turn up over that little hilltop.