Saturday, August 2, 2014

Holding the World

Taken July 13, 2014.

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  1. Morning all. "Big" doings at the F's. We replaced our front door (built by us when we built the house 35 years ago) and the sliding glass doors (a relative kiddie that was about 25 years old). Funnily enough it's the sliding glass door I felt most sentimental about -- it was covered in scratches from all our dogs of the last 25 years (the topmost ones were all done by Hopeful who was our biggest dog and hardest jumper against the glass). Both new doors look fantastic.

    Howdy, Maria. Hope getting the car inspected was tiring enough (but successful) so that you got a good night's sleep last night.

  2. Happy new doors, Fs!

    Slept like a log, thank goodness. Though, sadly, I seem to have woken up with a summer cold. Bah, humbug.

    Happy weekend, all!

  3. Hi Maria! Welcome back!

    Today is "go home" day. Daughter Dearest says if I get us to Nashville, she'll drive the rest of the way. But she also wants to hit a winery, so there will be "some delays." Eh.

    It's been a decent week. Now back to the routine and outright misery that is FAR Manor. :-P

    1. Hope you had a safe and easy trip home, Larry, and that "delays" were enjoyable.

  4. Hi, all. Terribly behind on all the doings as I had company. Loads of fun but tiring. Of course, as soon as they left, I wanted them to come again! :)

  5. Got home at 3:30am. Let's see how well I do on 5 hours of sleep. :-P

    Winery trip was good (of course) except I took us in the long way around & caused at least 45 mins of delay. And I learned how difficult it is for anyone over 5' tall to doze in a minivan. Oh well.