Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Going Green

Taken July 15, 2014.

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  1. Morning all. We have a photo album of Colorado our trip up [LINK]. These are photos taken by both me and Jim. And I'll be posting more of my photos starting next week.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Andi. Wish I could be in today's!

  3. Hallooooooooo! Not dead, just so busy I haven't opened most of my bookmarks in months. Still insane, but wanted to say hi. So, Hi!

    1. Howdy Kelly! It's good to know you're still crazy after all this years. ;)

  4. Hola, gang - it's been a day. Thanks for the pics, Andi!

    Parents had to put down their old kitty. I figured this was coming, but still heartbreaking.

    On the plus side, so busy at the mimes that I can't dwell on this.

    Hi to the missing Kelly and to the rest of you!