Thursday, August 7, 2014


Taken July 11 & 18, 2014.
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  1. Morning all. The moth on the left is a Clymene and the butterfly on the right is a Great Spangled Fritillary. I got an Indiana Butterfly and Moth Guide earlier this year and it's been nice to actually know what I'm looking at.

  2. Those guides are pretty keen but never as keen as the things they describe.

    So good to know Kelly's not dead! Once we get past 40, it starts to become reasonable to wonder if someone you've not heard from in a while has up and checked out.

    Speaking of someone not heard from in a while, this is a little gossipy so if people find that distasteful I apologize but sometimes I'm a little gossipy...Andi, did you see the post at Alas that Amp's friend Rob hasn't been commenting there in a while because he got arrested for bank robbery? At first I thought Amp was just making a really bad joke at his friend's expense and he said he was having a hard time believing it too but he linked to a news story and sure enough.

    Here's to hoping you're all alive and not robbing banks! :)

    1. Yes, I saw that and I was really, really shocked. It seemed so unbelievably out of character.

    2. I was surprised by the bank robbery part, but not by the fact that he had that level of implosion in his life, as he had been pinging my radar for years as a serious risk. The criminal justice system is often just a horrible experience all around but I do hope he gets the help he needs while he's in there.

    3. Yeah, the drug addiction and money weren't as much as a surprise to me, especially after his marriage imploded -- he had such strong beliefs that I'm sure it really did him in when just having those beliefs isn't enough to make your world work the way you think it ought.

    4. Rob's comments and arguments always reminded me SO MUCH of my father; those walls of text detailing conservative beliefs about the world that have even less in common with actual reality than the speculative fiction we both like to read.

      I have been hoping for years that my old man never does anything outrageously illegal but I can't feel sure he won't (it's virtually the exact same radar ping). He's just finalized his third divorce, he's been going through employment changes and into early retirement, he's had addiction issues longer than he's had me, he just sold a house and then bought another one in a different portion of the state -- if he wasn't presently moving in down the street from his mother, who knows the sun rises and sets on her boys, I'd be Officially Worried. As it stands, I'm just...uneasy and unwilling to be in his immediate vicinity.

    5. Being uneasy about him and being around him sound eminently reasonable.

  3. Yeesh. You guys are making FAR Manor sound boringly noooorrrrrrrrmal.

    I got the first cherry tomatoes off the plant out back last night. I was surprised and disappointed that Mason didn't like them. I guess he was expecting something more fruit-sweet. The Roma plants I bought did pretty well, and I have a batch on the dehydrator. (Experience suggests they won't be done until noon-ish, but I'm about to go check on them anyway.)

    Miming at home today… probably going to do a lot of work on paper, because it just feels right. May your personal paper- or pixel-pushing prove productive!

  4. At one point this morning, there were 12 hummingbirds hanging around the 2 feeders. I love watching them zoom around.