Thursday, July 10, 2014

Following the Straight and Narrow

Taken June 13, 2014.

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  1. Morning all. Forecast is for a gorgeous day here -- high of 79 and sunny. Hope you all have a fine day too.

  2. Mason dragged me out of bed this morning. He was about to have a meltdown over the wife being already up & gone, then decided to play on the bed. Imagine kittens climbing on a sleepy old dog, and you'll have a pretty accurate picture of the situation.

    Well, our 50% chance of rain fizzled yesterday. We were expecting some last night as well, but I can't get arsed to get up & look out the window at the moment.

    Hey, did you see the blog post on Tuesday, about the truck-jumping incident I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Includes pics of the bandaged doofus. Also put up a book review on my Tumblr ( One down, two to go.

    So Happy It's Thursday! Hope everyone has a good one.

  3. Repeating my tweet on the emmys announcement: Feh on the Emmys. Tatiana Maslany gets all the awards!

  4. I so agree, Andi. I just looked at the list and couldn't believe she wasn't nominated! Bah, humbag!

  5. Hola, gang! Still humid, but a bit less hot here. More t'storms expected later today.

    Tatiana was ROBBED!

    I am glad to see, however, the wonderful ladies of Orange is the New Black get a ton of noms, including first Emmy nom to a transgender woman, Laverne Cox (who is awesome).

    Larry, saw your blog post - doofus is far too kind a word for that guy.

    Happy Thursday, all!