Saturday, July 5, 2014


Taken June 6, 2013.

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  1. .. which I hope no one is giving you this weekend.

  2. We're enjoying really pleasant weather on Planet Georgia, thanks to Hurricane Arthur pulling cool air down from the north and sucking all the moisture into its churning maw. Mason isn't fond of loud noises, so we didn't go seeking out firework displays.

    Right now, he's pouting because I won't "help" (i.e. do it all for him) him build something with his blocks. So yeah, I'm getting some stink-eyes at the moment. :-P

  3. No stink eyes here. Just gorgeous weather! Happy weekend.

  4. Stinkeye b/c you found her/his spot ... :D They do have the grump look down, don't they.

    Hope you're all having a good w/e.

  5. Wife said "blackberry pie." Mason suggested going outside and picking before I could. We got a gallon in maybe an hour, just from what's around the edges of FAR Manor. Must be July 4 weekend! Oh, and I'm in the final stretch of the next Accidental Sorcerers novella; 4000 words to go and a week to figure out what they are (self-imposed deadline).

    Hope everyone else is having a good (long) weekend.

    1. Blackberry pie with fresh blackberries -- yummmmmmm.