Monday, June 23, 2014

Life Imitates Art: Dutch Masters

Taken May 26, 2013.

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  1. After a lifetime of living with dogs, I had a first early this morning (3 a.m.) -- a dog suddenly howling (just one loud and long one) in its sleep. I guess Sniff was having quite the dream. Someone should record that for an alarm -- no way anyone is sleeping through that.

  2. Mason was fighting with Skylar in his sleep the other night.

    Finally managed to get details… after jumping out of his truck, he got to his own feet, looking like an extra in The Walking Dead. Daughter Dearest told him "get in the truck, I'm taking you to the hospital." He goes "I don't want to get blood in my truck." Meanwhile, DD's ditzy roomie is standing in the middle of the road (in dark clothes). At this point, DD went She-Hulk, dropped the tailgate, and threw the idiot into the back. Roomie climbed into the cab & she drove him to the ER (they were close enough that the first responders would have taken longer to get there).

    So after they patched up him and took a CT scan, they sent him home at 4am. Still looks like a Walking Dead extra.

  3. I'll bet that's the last time your daughter volunteers to be his designated driver.

  4. Love the picture, Andi.

    Larry, glad it all seems to have worked out but I agree with Jim!