Thursday, June 12, 2014


Taken May 18, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. All's well with Mom and she's so happy to not have the semi-dissolved stitches poking her any more. Speaking of "mom", the moms of nature decided to show off yesterday by going from blues skies to a raging* thunderstorm to blue skies again in 15 minutes. I could hear the rain advancing through the woods at couple of minutes before it reached the house.

    * in addition to the thunder and lightning, the storm also dumped a 1/2 inch of rain in just 10 minutes

  2. Glad your mom did well.

    We've been getting soaked too but nothing dramatic or worth watching -- except Wesley. He's always been terrified of the rain and he used to hide under the bed until it passed. Then he noticed that the other cats are not afraid, and the idea that anyone else gets a toy/treat/freedom that he doesn't also get irritates the hell out of him, so he's stopped hiding, but he's still terrified, and now he just does the feline equivalent of white-knuckling himself through the rain holding onto my bed's top quilt, looking all pitiful, a little like Bill the Cat, lol.

    Hope everyone is well as can be.

    1. Poor Wes. Bebo is afraid of lightning but she doesn't hide; she comes and snuggles up against me or Jim. I figure she's counting on the lightning hitting us first since we're taller.

  3. Poor Wesley. The cats here are hiding because the evil machine (lawn mower) was out and about. They didn't even come out for breakfast!

    Andi, glad your mother is well.

  4. Good to hear your mom's better!

    I got the eBook to typesetter conversion pretty well sorted last night. It's not perfect, but the extra work is basically boilerplate that I can replace. Now to get the "add funky fonts" thing dealt with for titling and so forth.

    We went to put a battery in an old dump truck, and there were no cables in the engine compartment. Wife was sure it was opposite the rusted out area. Turned out it was in front of the right rear wheel. :-P