Thursday, June 26, 2014

Different Ways of Looking

Taken May 29, 2013.
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  1. Morning all. And to join you all from yesterday, I've got 40 acres of Fuck Cancer!

  2. Raising my coffee mug, I'll drink to Fuck Cancer! as well.

    Mason woke up at 6-ish, making this "uhhhh" noise that usually means he needs to get to the john but he's not awake enough to take action. I went in & he was holding a kleenex to his nose. "Oh great, nosebleed," I thought. I had him continue to hold the kleenex while I tried to get awake enough to help.

    "Is it done yet?" he asked.

    "Look and see," I suggested.

    "Huh huh." He showed me the unstained kleenex. Not a nosebleed after all. He flopped over and went back to sleep. I think he just got up, so I'll wish everyone a good day & get mine started....

  3. Miming at home today. More rounds of cleaning up/coordinating documentation. My brain hurts.

    At least, I am in the comfy chair.