Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Taken May 18, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Going to Indy today to take Mom to get her stitches out which will make her a happy camper as they have really bugged her. Hope everybody else has a good day of seeing minor irritations removed.

  2. Well darn -- a raccoon just tried to get at the bird and suet feeders (which are on a fairly heavy steel wire hung between 2 trees) by hanging on the wire and actually broke the wire. Guess we'll have to up the gauge when we replace it.

  3. Hope you & mom have a safe trip with zero medical glitches.

    E just bought a new car, which motivated her to finally get off of her ass and clean out her half of the garage, so now we are playing the version of Suburb Roulette in which our win condition is to install an outdoor paver area for the trash bins and upgrade them to locking bins before the critters on the opposing team (raccoons and the gladys kravitzes who run the hoa) find the sloppy unlocked bins in the side yard and force us to face unpleasant consequences. Meanwhile we are going into our second year with virtually no living room furniture, having gotten rid of the old stuff before we found suitable new stuff -- if anyone saw the episode of Big Bang Theory where they go back in time to how Sheldon's apartment looked before Leonard moved in, with just the lawn chair in Sheldon's spot, that's more or less an accurate picture. At the Suburban Living Olympics, E and I are the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team, lol.

    Wishing you all a fine day, whatever you get up to.

  4. Good luck on the various endeavors!