Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time to Fly

Taken April 21, 2013.

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  1. Hope everyone has a fine Saturday.

  2. Nothing will recconnect you with your inner child faster than throwing those "helicopters" and watching them spiral down…

  3. Gorgeous colors. The ones in our yard are pretty much a uniform tree-bark brown.

    I never had allergic reactions to pollen before I moved to the midwest, but I'm pretty sure it's grass/tree pollen that's causing the sneezing, which isn't that bad, along with this thing where my throat feels suddenly super itchy and irritated and then like it's snapping shut into some kind of overlap of choking and suffocating, which is extremely unpleasant. So I am once again experimenting with drugs, and fyi, antihistamines are nowhere near as much fun as the hallucinogens.

  4. Jen, that's the best description of how my throat feels during allergy season that I've ever read. And it just ... Comes on out of nowhere. Mine are all from tree pollen so seem to now be waning. Hopefully the rain predicted for this weekend will wash away all the OAK pollen, which is my bane. Have a good weekend all and Happy Mothers Day to all mothers.

  5. Jen, we obviously need a antihistamine/hallucinogen mix just for you!

    Andi, what a wonderful picture.

    Happy weekend, all.

  6. Bummer on the allergies, Jen and Mary. Thankfully (boy, I hate to put it that way), I only get the snotty-sneezy nose.

    Thanks, Dina.

    We got 1 1/2 inches of rain yesterday morning and afterwards, the woods were at maximum green -- everything has leafed out now. And it did wash away the oak pollen -- the cars were cleaned of their coating of yellow dust (Jim and I listened to His Dark Materials on vacation last year and now I always want to type "dust" in all caps and bold it).

  7. Oh yeah ....

    Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all the great Moms out there.

  8. Comes on out of nowhere

    Yes, with absolutely no warning like a body snatcher. I've always been sympathetic to allergy sufferers (back when I was a smoker, I used to go outside even in my own home out of consideration for them) but like so many things I had no real appreciation for how bad it was until it grabbed me by my own throat. Yesterday I tried Claritin, and I think that might be The One, we'll have to see how the next few doses handle things.

    Jen, we obviously need a antihistamine/hallucinogen mix just for you!

    Spoke too soon, eff the Claritin, this is definitely the superior product and Dina is clearly the kind of genius who should be in charge of the FDA. ;)

    A very Happy Mother's Day to everyone celebrating, and a special warm woobie hug for Jim this year, ime the first year they're gone is the hardest one. xoxo