Saturday, May 3, 2014

Do Drop

Taken April 15, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Have a great Saturday.

  2. Pretty. Hope you're having a good w/e there.

  3. Been watching a pileated woodpecker go at an old tree stump for the last couple days. Wood chips flying everywhere and he's already made a hole several inches deep and his height high in it. Must be a whole lot of good eats in there.

  4. Yesterday afternoon was harvesting rocks from two garden spots. The smaller of the two would engulf a suburban back yard. The larger is 2 or 3 acres. Wife brought the smaller tractor, the one with the 1/4-shitload loader bucket, and we filled it twice. So yes, we got half a shitload of rocks. They were dropped in a couple of washouts to fill them in. And guess what? This week, they're going to plow the gardens and churn up more rocks! LOL Fortunately I'll be at work. :-D

    Made some progress on a sequel to The Crossover over the last couple days. An unexpected wrinkle got the plot moving forward, so it's all good. Today, we're skipping church to go visit The Boy & bring Mason home.