Monday, April 21, 2014

Zen Sniff Ponders Things That Fall Apart

Taken April 5, 2013.

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  1. Welcome to a new week all -- one that I think/hope will include some redbud and dogwood flowers here.

  2. Solid as a rock! Uhhhh…

    The dogwoods are going full throttle here, now. The cherry tree is OK; still plenty of flowers although a few are ragged around the edges. Highs in the 70s here all week, woohoo!

    Mason had a lot of fun for Easter. I made sure he got to run around a lot at the end of the day; he protested but did not fight bedtime. To my surprise, he was up at 7 sharp this morning… I figured a late bedtime and lots running around would have him sleeping in. Oh well, gotta get him to pre-K!

  3. We are having signs of spring - daffodils, forsythia and the like. I just hope it is here to stay!

  4. We've had lots of bird activity and green shoots and buds just starting. So happy to see.