Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tiny Signs of Spring

Taken March 27 & 31, 2013.
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  1. Happy Saturday all. One of Jim's former students formed and directed an acapella group as her senior (high school) project and we went to their concert last night which was excellent and highly entertaining (I think I'm in love with the kid who was the "drums"). And I'm so impressed with Jim's student -- I cannot imagine pulling off something like that when I was in high school.

  2. Green stuff!

    Spring has finally arrived in full swing on Planet Georgia. The pollen count is, as usual, somewhere between "OMG" and "Are You @%#(!! Kidding Me?" — I was thinking about washing my car this weekend, but it'll be covered in pollen before I'm through. :-P

    The Boy took Mason for the weekend. It's sooooo quiet here.

    1. Hope you are enjoying your quiet weekend. :)

    2. Well, yesterday involved a long drive for an inlaws meetup, but there was BBQ. This place is a shack, but the owners placed highly in one of the Pitmasters competitions. BBQ makes most days better.