Saturday, April 5, 2014

Going in Circles

Taken , 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Hope everybody has a good weekend.

  2. Jim, it sounds like you all had a great trip despite the elements, or maybe even partially because of the rain, since a lot of kids that age seem to experience stormy overnights as a Grand Adventure.

    When I was a kid they took us camping in the Everglades where we'd do the same sorts of activities to learn about our own local ecosystem. During my second grade trip, my mother went as a chaperone (it was my first overnight) and we had great weather but when she found out she couldn't plug her blow-dryer in anywhere in the camp bathrooms, she booked herself into a motel up the road, lol. Then she gave away my pants to Thomas R., whose mother had not packed him enough pants. During my sixth grade trip there was a ton of rain but we did what you do -- powered on and sang songs and figured we'd have been wet in the swamp anyhow. Almost all of my teacher-chaperones from those days have passed on now, but I think of them often with fondness and gratitude, and I smile-and-cry whenever I do.

    I hope they keep asking you back as well. :)

    Wishing everyone a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like Jim (and the students) had a great trip in spite of the rain!

    Looks like we'll have clear sailing, weather-wise, for the drive home today… then it's three days of downpour. Spring on Planet Georgia. Yeah, we're leaving today. Boo hiss.

    We took the father in law's van for reasons, which became clear when our van ate its transmission while we were gone (inlaws were using it). $1100 for a replacement. We'll sell the dang thing (hoping for $2000) and find something else, I guess.

  4. Jen and Larry,
    It was a great trip. We've had several kids and parents go through electronics withdrawal our at BW but none have gone down the road to a motel.

  5. We never went on any away-from-home field trips when I was in school, Jen, so I'm a bit jealous of you (and all of Jim's kids).

    Sorry for the end of vacation, Larry. And big bummer on the car.

  6. I told her at the time, "not that car, especially not that dealer." Of course, she didn't listen, and will probably ignore anything I have to say about the replacement. Except she won't go back to that place. Baby steps.

    We got home around 12:30 last night. There was a pretty substantial wreck on I-75 that delayed us for a half hour or so. Wife drove about 2-1/2 hours earlier on, so it wasn't all me this time. Daughter Dearest said she could have drove, but didn't say anything until after we were moving. :-P

    Oh well, we're home. Wife's already wanting to start unloading the van. Yay.

  7. Larry, my condolences on the van, may it RIP. I'm glad at least y'all enjoyed your time at the beach and got home safely. Can I possibly interest you in a used Toyota SUV with mild-to-moderate squirrel-caused wiring damage, possibly also still containing a squirrel? No extra charge for the squirrel, free bonus. ;)

    Andi, one of the best things about my childhood was that I had an absolutely amazing staff at my elementary school. I mean, I seriously doubt I'd be alive today without the influence of three specific ladies there, no hyperbole, what they taught me made my life possible and I will owe them a debt forever that I can never repay (they would all expect me to pay it forward, of that I am certain).

    One of them had me for four of my six years, she loved to travel, and she took her class with her. I don't know how she did it, she must have been well connected or extremely persuasive (or possibly MAGIC), but she somehow managed to snare lists of money-making projects and matching-fund promises and she'd organize these trips every year for her public school poor/working class kids. We'd spend the entire school year working our asses off with various fundraisers, learning about banking and saving (we were even allowed to leave the school campus and walk up to the little neighborhood bank alone to make deposits into our class account), and then toward the last 9 weeks of the year we not only got to go camping in the Everglades, we also took week-long trips via Amtrak to places like Washington DC and Williamsburg, VA. After I aged up to the junior high she was taking the kids on planes to Mexico and England -- which made ME jealous, because I've been amped to see England ever since I fell in love with A Midsummer Night's Dream (which, of course, I found in that same teacher's classroom).

    A toast to all the good teachers, as befits them in the language of Dahl, skål!