Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Caught in Flight

Taken March 25, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. The title of this post came true yesterday -- we heard a very loud thump which, though it was much louder than usual, we figured meant a bird had flown into the sliding glass doors. But when we looked out the doors, all we saw were a bunch of small white feathers floating in the air and not a bird (or squirrel) to be seen at the feeders. So now I guess we know what it sounds like when a hawk catches a bird in flight and is going so fast that it hits the house.

  2. We had hawks in Florida but growing up in the city meant I rarely encountered them, while I see them actively hunting all the time around here. They are terrifyingly beautiful, like some kind of Bryan Fuller production.

    Dina, I hope you're feeling better enough by now to know which day it is. :) Best wishes to you all.

  3. Wow, I think that hawk's day got roont! I've taken a few pix of birds who have hit the office windows, both stunned and dead. The stunned ones would sit there resigned, waiting for the big predator to stop holding this noisy rectangular thing and eat them. Then they'd be all "WTF" when the predator nudged them over to a sheltered spot, where they wouldn't get stepped on.

    Beautiful shot, by the way. Did you just have to wait on a wind gust, or did you give it a shake?

    Dina, here's hoping the vertigo has moved on, and you took the day off to catch your balance....

    1. I don't think the hawk's day was ruined because I'm pretty sure he got the bird -- no sign of its body anywhere.

      The snow is caught on a dew catcher web. Usually they build them vertical to the ground but this one was almost horizontal.

  4. Thanks, all. I broke down and went to the doctor - sinus infection as I suspected. I have antibiotics and vertigo meds which seem to be taking effect but all to slowly.

    Amazing picture, Andi. We used to have a shadow bird on the sliding glass door so birds wouldn't fly into it. Not that it would have saved the hawk's prey, I suspect.