Friday, March 28, 2014

Running Rings Around

Taken March 5, 2013.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning all. Happy almost weekend to all the worker bees.

  2. You can't tell it by Andi's picture, but there was a sign of spring yesterday. I dropped my bike off at the shop for a tuneup.

    I'm looking forward to putting away my skates soon.

  3. Neeeeeeeed mooooooorrrrrrrrre coooooooffffeeeeeee…

    Getting ready to bail for Florida, tomorrow evening after Daughter Dearest gets off her oppressive retail grind. When we get back a week later, winter may have given up on Planet Georgia. While I'm on the sunny beaches, I'll try to spare some unkind thoughts for the sonny beeches in and before the Supreme Court.

    There was a thing going around the G+ about the original fairy tale plot lines, which have been softened up for modern sensibilities. Stuff like the prince raped Sleeping Beauty and knocked her up, Cinderella's sisters cut their toes off to get their feet to fit in the slipper, etc. So I pounded out one of my "Strange Lands" tales and part 1 of Sleeping Butay is up. Part 2, and the first half of my A to Z Challenge posts, are scheduled. (And this will be the week Blogger picks to screw up big time.)

    Hope everyone has a snow-melty kind of day!

  4. Neato -- great photo Andi. Love those inner circles!

    1. Jim and I can't figure out what created those circles but they are definitely neato. :)