Saturday, March 29, 2014

Repeat After Me

Taken March 5, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Hope you all have a great Saturday.

  2. Yesterday I was finally able to motor out for two errands (2 down, a billion six to go) and: I hit every green light, my bank's atm worked, the people at the pharmacy had done their jobs more than correctly, the one on shift also treated me like a human being which is pretty rare, I got a surprise buy one get one free deal on some hair cream, and then the front end clerk complimented me on my hoodie on my way out the door. I felt like I had won some kind of a raffle that I couldn't remember entering.

    E must have entered a very different raffle because when she went outside to change a blown turn signal light on her truck she found a nest of baby squirrels under the hood and had to move them into the yard. Mama squirrel returned approximately halfway through this task and leaped up through the engine block to give E a scare with squirrel jazz hands, and she (the squirrel, I mean) was pretty worked up (to be fair, they were both pretty worked up) (I was too but I was inside and had no valid excuse to be worked up) so we're hoping she (by which I mean the squirrel again) promptly moved the babies into her alternate nest.

    Happy vacation to Larry & fam, and happy weekend to rest of you.

  3. Mason's excited about vacation, he was up at 7:30 "packing."

    That thing with E and the squirrels sounds like something out of a sitcom, or maybe a movie with Bill Murray and Meg Ryan. "Squirrel jazz hands," LOL! I can imagine they were both screaming bloody murder. I had to share that one with the wife.

    The place we're staying has wifi, so I hope to check in at least as much as I usually do (although tomorrow is iffy). I'm going to bring the laptop & hope the backlight behaves, and a bunch of other electronic goodies.

    Oh… I don't know if anyone else is into house/EDM tunes, but Google Play has a free download of 99 tracks. Search on #DECADE and you'll probably find it. I pulled them onto my Nook, now if I can copy 'em over to my iThings…

  4. E's luckier than us -- we've never found baby squirrels, just baby mice. We have mice building nests in the engine compartments all the time. When we start up the cars, they leave in a hurry. The dogs hang around the wheel wells -- they think the cars are like mice vending machines.

    1. As a little kid I had a pet mouse so I'm a bit horrified by that. :) The story of my mouse's demise includes a decent punchline so I'll tell it: In the first grade we had two mice as class pets and the class took a vote to name them and since we were 6 in 1976, Mickey & Minnie were virtually unanimous(e). We wrote essays at the end of the class year to take them home and I was awarded Mickey. The Bug Guy used to use a key-under-the-mat scenario to the spray the house for roaches, and no one considered the fact that the pesticide he used would be likely to kill Mickey as well, so after I recovered from grief, I had to tell all the other kids at school that, "The exterminator killed Mickey Mouse."