Saturday, March 8, 2014


Taken February 18, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Thanks to Turbo Tax, I survived doing Mom's taxes (though I not quite done yet) but we barely survived all the massive potholes that have the roads playing the part of bombed out town in a WWII movie. I've never seen them this bad. Must be cutting way down on speeding tickets.

    Hope Dina's wishes worked for you getting your glasses back, Larry and for the Occupy protesters getting their way soon, Jen.

  2. Turns out I didn't spend enough on screen and have to go back to the home improvement store for more and better materials, but I am definitely NOT about going today, as it'll be more crowded than the Irish bars on St. Patrick's Day, and since people won't be [quite as] drunk, their aim will be better.

    That leaf photo instantly evoked 30+ year old memories of images I used to see on cards at my enthusiastically Catholic grandmother's house, like, behold LeafJesus! lol. Something about the angle and quality of the light make the leaf look as though it's rising up through the clouds, and it looks intentionally posed into an uncomfortable position, but cheerful nonetheless, as if it knows that its suffering only brings it closer to heaven.

    Here's to hoping none of you are suffering today, and that you all have a lovely weekend. :)

    1. How about that -- my first religious iconography photo. ;)

  3. It would work even better in soft focus. :-) Speaking of which, I found my glasses yesterday after posting. They were in the divan after all, tucked a little deeper than expected into the bottom cushion.

    Did I mention the wood splitter saga? The one we bought was defective, at least one bad hydraulic seal, so the wife took it back. She found a used one in the market bulletin, and one of the tires exploded on the way home (only the sidewalls were left). The other tire was dry rotted, so we got two new ones. $80 extra, but still half of what we'd paid for a new one.

    Oh, and The Boy has his car running now. Hallelujah, he can run the gas out of his own vehicle now.

    Knee is aching, but otherwise fully functional, so I'm on the hook for light duty around the manor. Hope your weekend is light, warm, and cheerful!

  4. Who knew Andi was putting up a picture for Lent.

    So with your regular glasses you've lost that soft focus view of the world, Larry. A used wood splitter would be nice. The new ones, I've realized, are more than I care to spend.

  5. So funny but I thought the leaf was having fun and wanted to join it! Never thought of anything religious at all.

  6. Ugh. I hate DST and I especially hate adjusting to it. Goodbye early morning light. :(