Friday, March 7, 2014

Modes of Sky

Taken February 17, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Off to Indy today to work on my mom's taxes. Hope you all have a less taxing day.

  2. Rainy here. After a FaceTime chat with Snippet last night, my glasses turned up missing. Mason *was* climbing on my head at one point. Seems that the older glasses work better at the distance between chair and computer screen, so there's that, but I do need to find them soonest.

    Oh well. Here's hoping your days are better than soft focus.

  3. The farmers at the almanac say our Ohio Valley summer will be hotter and wetter than normal, so while the air is still cool and before the bugs arrive, I've got to go buy materials and re-screen all our windows. We paid to have this done last year but the super earnest and polite kid who did the job might as well have just danced out in the yard for the money, heh, because the screens he installed are way too loose. The cats love their time at the open windows, and they're currently organizing for Occupy Sill Seat, so I've got to make some security happen around here.

    Best wishes to you all for all of the things!

  4. Good luck in the taxes, glasses and screens.

    Quiet here which is fine by me.