Thursday, March 20, 2014

From Iced to Frozen

Taken February 26 and 27, 2013.
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  1. Morning all. It's a chilly morning here but not chilly enough to freeze anything so that's good. Hope you all have a balmy day.

  2. Good morning to you all, I hope your mornings are all proceeding more smoothly than mine. My very first experience of the day was a problem requiring 30 min to solve (browser constantly crashing on startup) (I run Firefox and have google as my home page, the bug turned out to be inside today's google doodle) (::shakes fists of impotent fury at google::), which is so not cool before coffee. I am super cranky, and frankly, not entirely human, until after coffee.

    Maria, I have had that biopsy procedure and it is TEH SUCK. They lie about it, too, they said I'd be fine in 3 days but I hurt and bled for at least a month. I asked for a spritz of lidocaine on my cervix and they actually said no. At least my doc said that if I ever needed another one we could do it via D&C w/gen'l anesthesia. I am so sorry you are having to do it again, and I hope your experience with it is much better this time all around. ::sends you all the good vibes and virtual percocet::

    Today I'm off to go buy my grandmother a set of quilted placemats for her birthday, which she had better like, because they've been kind of a pain in the ass to find, heh.

    Wishing you all a good day. :)

  3. Cutting a piece off of you w/o anesthesia is just inhumane. Show up roaring drunk. My backup drive doing the click o'death thing for 15 minutes first thing this morning barely registers by comparison. (At least it waited for me to get the new computer set up first.)

    Miming at home once again, but back to the mimes on Friday. With my new boss in Beaverton (funny, when I went there I didn't see a ton of beaver), it really doesn't matter where I'm working. :-P

  4. Jen, yeah, the docs TOTALLY lie about the procedure. When I had my 1st one, the (male) doc said, "It will be a small pinch." I nearly came up off of the table when it happened. Pinch, my ass. I'm hoping to get the good drugs out of it. ::g::

    Our spring began with an uber foggy morning and slightly warmer temps. Sad for the folks here for the beginning day of the Cherry Blossom festival. At least we're expecting more sun and mid-50s later.

    Happy Thursday!