Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Taken February 18, 2013.

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  1. Itt was 62 yesterday and it's going to be 68 today. Too bad there's snow/sleet for the forecast tomorrow but since we're going back to 50s on Friday, I guess I can take it.

  2. We are happily in the 40s with rain and snow showers coming later this week. But the snow is disappearing and I can actually see when I back out of the driveway!

  3. It is 70F outside right now, and by Thursday it will be 8F. During the next 48 hours, we will have sunshine, rain, thunder, fog, ice, and snow. I'm pretty impressed, as I don't think we ever saw that kind of huge swing even in Flagstaff.

  4. I hate hate hated this winter's weather. *

    It was a sunny 72° F today.
    Tomorrow we get sleet and snow and our nighttime low is predicted to be 12° F.

    The F tomorrow does not stand for Fahrenheit!

    * This is based on the first line of Charlotte Zolotow's children's classic The Hating Book.

  5. 70!!! Wow.

    I thought it was warm here today -- had the windows open in the car and saw people in SHORTS walking their dogs.

    The temp was 37F! LOL ... :D