Saturday, February 8, 2014

Setting the Tone

Taken ,January 16 2013.

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  1. Happy Saturday all. It's 15 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday so yay ... except that I kind of hate being cheered by a temperature of 12 degrees.

  2. Yeah, when it has to come up roughly 30 degrees to get to just below freezing, I'm wanting the toll-free number for some kind of Weather Complaint Line.

    "This is the Mothers of Nature, how can we help you today?"
    "Hi and thanks for your service, as always. I'm wondering what the procedure is to mash-up some 106F summer days with these twenty-below winter days, hopefully resulting in a lovely year-round autumn/spring?"
    "Well, first you open a wormhole."
    "Oh, dear."
    "And next you'll have to relocate your entire solar system through the wormhole to a different portion of your universe."
    "Sounds complicated."
    "Eh, moving is always uncomfortable. You might lose some little things along the way, like the moon, or Jupiter. Buy extra packing tape. And don't worry, after you get to the new place, it's all pretty much idiot-proof. Thanks for calling and don't forget to friend us on Facebook."

    1. As long as I can pick the things I'll lose, it's a deal.

    2. Let's not tell Congress we're going, the post office will never find us.

    3. That's hilarious. I'm up for that trip ...

  3. Love it, Jen. Here's to mashing up the weather!

  4. It's idiot-proof? Does that mean no teabaggers? Sign me up!

    Sunday morning = wife trying to sleep after an all-night Olympics TV marathon while Mason's playing noisily in the living room.