Friday, February 7, 2014

Setting the Mood

Taken January 14, 2013.

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  1. -3 this morning. I will be so glad when the weather is nothing to talk about.

  2. Agreed, Andi! So tired of having to deal with weather. Clear here, but chilly. Speaking of cold things, went to orthopedist this morning, turns out I have a frozen shoulder. Got a couple of shots and need to go to PT. Whee?

    Spending the rest of the weekend being utterly lazy.

  3. Nice lighting... it's like there's a better place waiting, just on the other side....

    Maria, I'm doing PT for my shoulder. It's mostly not painful.

    I wish I could be utterly lazy this weekend. Got taxes, probably wood cutting (because the rain got pushed out to Tuesday), Mason-sitting (most likely), and what one of my co-workers calls an "ass ton" of writerly stuff to deal with.

  4. Here's to unfrozen people and shoulders. So glad we are not getting another massive snow storm.

  5. Looks like a portal to a different place!