Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Red Sky at Night, Red Sky at Morning, Sailors Confused

Taken January 19 & 20, 2013.
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  1. Morning all. It was 5 degrees yesterday on my daily walk in the woods. Forecast says it will be above freezing tomorrow ... which thrills me so I guess thanks, Moms of Nature for making me be happy about something that should be trivial.

    OTOH, Larry, looks like you can think some not nice thoughts about the MoN. Hope it doesn't turn out too bad.

    Groceries sound wonderful, Jen. Enjoy.

    I hope the wait turns out to be worth it, Maria.

    Hiya Kelly. Hope the warm-up here heads your way. I was thinking of you because I listened to an older SF Squeecast not too long ago that had a very good review of your book, Broken Blades and of your writing in general.

    Morning Dina. Glad you can get your errands done before the weather hits.

    Now we just need, Mary, winter to be done with us.

  2. Morning, gang. We're all hunkered down (mentally) and cursing winter's not-so-sudden, but inevitable betrayal. Office is already planning for a work-at-home Thursday, which, yay. I really hope that we don't lose power, though. My co-worker is sweating bullets b/c her radiator died last night. They need to get someone out today before the proverbial excrement hits the wind machine.

    Everyone keep warm & safe!!!

  3. This week for produce we got: broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, romaine, apples, tangelos, kiwi, artichokes, brussels sprouts, flash frozen green beans, bananas, garlic, and a giant English cucumber. I traded out some of the things they'd planned to send us that we don't enjoy, such as beets and radishes, for other things we prefer, so this batch was almost entirely organic (except bananas and brussels sprouts) and there's never any gmo.

    Dishes I am planning to make: green salad with the romaine with some kind of creamy/ranchy dressing, cucumber salad with a wine vinegar and oil dressing, braised and browned brussels sprouts, pot of green beans with bacon, steamed artichoke leaves and maybe a cheesy veggie dip with the hearts, kiwi granita. Still thinking about what to do with the rest; might just roast the cauli, bake a banana bread, and do some kinda melted chocolate dip for the berries, eh, we'll see.

    Warmest wishes to all the rest of you winter warriors, stay true, that big yella warm sky ball will return someday...

  4. Hi, all. I hope that everyone stays warm and powered the next couple of days. After Sandy I really dread the thought of losing power.

  5. Love those Andi! As much as I love your leaves and woods, the bare branches do a wonderful job of being photogenic too! ;-)