Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Motley Sky

Taken January 26, 2013.

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  1. Much better morning to all. At least it is here -- we ended up with only a tiny bit of freezing rain and just rain, no snow or sleet, And the temps kept rising so that we got above freezing and stayed there.

  2. That sounds good. I was tempted to put the top down for a little while last night; good thing I didn't. It rained a bit.

    Mason got up way too early, and went into the living room. Wife had zorched out in there from Olympics watching, so she's a little cranky this morning.

  3. Overnight dusting of the white stuff, but no more in the forecast. FINALLY. Taking the day off to deal with the water cooler people since mine decided to blurp all over the kitchen on Saturday. They'll be here sometime before noon. This adult stuff is a PITA.

  4. We got another 2 to 4 inches but it is supposed to warm up at the end of the week. I certainly hope so. I would like to be able to see as I back out of the driveway.