Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hole in Two

Taken January 31, 2013.

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  1. Melty-melty world here -- it hit 50 yesterday. Still a few inches of snow, a lot of ice in the creeks, and frozen ground left to melt and lots more to melt north of us (so we're sure to have lowland flooding eventually). But despite the mud that will eventually come, I'm looking forward to seeing the ground again.

  2. Took advantage of a warm day with drivable roads to get my Obamammogram yesterday, and now settling in for the waiting. The last time I did this I flunked the screening mammo, then flunked the diagnostic followup, and wound up having a core needle biopsy which resulted in only calcification findings (WHEW), so I am hoping very hard that the radiologist thinks these pictures are much prettier than the last set because I don't want to have to do any part of that again.

    We also got another batch of food delivered and the produce continues to look amazing, so much better than anything I can find in the grocery stores (even the local upscale chain), and it's not even growing season locally yet. I can scarcely believe the quality and selection are going to get even better in a few months...I may have to go buy more new pants.

    In weather news, they revised tomorrow's forecasted high up again to 63F with thunderstorms, and if that actually happens, I might have to buy shorts.

    Wishing you all a good day, whatever you're up to.

    1. Good luck with the boob mashing results.

      I think I'll be most jealous when you start getting the fresh spring asparagus.

      The bummer on the forecast is that after tomorrow's excellent temps, they are going to keep dropping until they get back below freezing next week. :(

    2. Whenever the asparagus comes in, we'll invite you Fs over for dinner. :)

    3. That's a dinner invitation, I'll be delighted to accept.

  3. It was warm and sunny enough yesterday that I put the top down for my drive to lunch. I wasn't quite so brave for the ride home, but I did roll down a window. The peepers were serenading at every body of water around here last night, yippee! Mason requested top-down for the ride to preK, but it's still a little too cool for that in the mornings... plus, it looks like it could start raining at any minute. Looks like we might get back to below-freezing lows a week from today, but that's a might.

    Jen, enjoy the warm-up. Don't let your boobs get struck by lightning... or maybe that would let you skip the mashing part?

    I ought to try planting some salad greens in a few weeks. Something that doesn't give a rip about random frost.

  4. Love this picture - looks like an ice creature staring at us!

    Much melting occurring here making it really awful to get around. Luckily I don't have to worry but there are low lying areas that will probably flood.

  5. Love the colours and light in this one!