Thursday, February 13, 2014

Being Gone

Taken January 25, 2013.

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  1. Good morning, all. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm planning on eating all the rest of my meals at Jen's. :)

  2. Oh it would make me so happy to have all of you over for big family style meals on the regular, you have no idea. :)

    The rumor is that it will be near 40F today, and only go down to 24F tonight, which is at this point pretty much like a heat wave. Maybe I'll make some ice cream too. ;p

  3. Dina, did you get hit by Sandy? What a horrible mess that was! (I'm originally from Florida, and was there for Andrew.) I hope you are still warm and powered today. :)

  4. Morning all! FAR Manor is buried under about 6" of snow this morning, and a little more is coming down. But it's already 34F, with a forecast high of 41F so things are probably going to get a little slushy this afternoon (then turn to gnarly ice when it goes down to 27 overnight). I'm holding out some hope of getting to the office tomorrow.

    But Winter #3 becomes Spring #3 this weekend, and the forecast gets us near 60 by mid-week. February and March, it can do just about anything here, and usually does.

    I want Jen's lunch. I should go see if there's anything I can dump in a crockpot to heat for lunch today… comfort food is getting old.

    Hope everyone has a pleasant VD tomorrow. :-P

  5. We have us the snow. And lots of it. The prediction is that it will end in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. But as long as I have power, it will be OK.

    Jen, I was without power for 8 days thanks to Sandy and I know we were lucky that it was only that long. I really don't want to go through that again!

    Everyone stay safe and warm.

  6. Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow... 7" and expecting more later. Area burbs got upwards of 18" - cities are basically shut down. I am snug & warm in my apartment, working @ the mimes via VPN. Still have power and hope to keep it.

    SOOOO ready for spring.

  7. Sorry for all the bad weather Larry, Dina, and Maria but I have to admit I am beyond happy that Jen and I are missing it this time. Yay for above freezing temps here (going away tomorrow but coming back Sunday) and may they head your way soon.

  8. Well bummer ... they just changed our forecast to 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow. stamps foot and pouts

  9. Beautiful photo Andi. Makes me feel peaceful for some reason.