Monday, February 3, 2014

Assume the Position

Taken January 11, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. We ended up with rain and just a skim of freezing rain but the mixologist is back for another try at the snow/sleet/freezing rain cocktail on Tuesday. :(

  2. Rain all week here, with the possible exception of Thursday.

    Back to the mimes, oh joy.

  3. We are in the middle of quite a storm. I think they are predicting about 3 inches and it looks like that is down already.

    This may require an afternoon watching TV in the living room with a fire in the fireplace!

  4. Hola, gang! I spent a lovely quiet weekend of no TeeVee. I was organizing my Calibre library and uploading stories I read all the time to my Kindle documents. Anal person that I am, sometimes I had to do it more than once so the author metadata read correctly (aka, what I wanted it to look like). Yes, I spent a lot of time on that.

    Today, massive rain, turned to big, fat snowflakes, but no accumulation. Just more of the same. Wish yesterday's weather (sunny & 60s) would have continued.

    I'm off to an orthopedist on Friday a.m. - have had this shoulder pain for months now, and my regular doc suggested I see specialist so I can get a steroid shot. I think it was a fibro flare that morphed into me holding my shoulder in tension, thereby causing a tense knot in my muscles. But what do I know?

    Hope everyone's Monday has been great!

  5. It's so funny how Bebo doesn't seem to be comfortable unless her bottom half is one way and her top half is another! :D

    Hope you're getting better weather this week and the freezing yuck stays away.