Tuesday, February 11, 2014

As It Snows

Taken January 16, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Still weather-obsessed here. It's -3 now but the forecast says after almost 2 weeks of below freezing and some subzero temps we'll finally have some above freezing temps on Thursday and see the 40s next week (be still, my heart).

    Yuck on your forecast, Larry.

    Maria, I'm kind of shocked by how long it took to get your appointment -- when I did my PT, I had an appointment the next week. Advantages of small town life?

  2. That pic much resembles what it looks like at FAR Manor this morning: a dusting of snow, and more coming down. For the next two days, the weather will be continuously changing its mind whether to snow, sleet, or rain. Freezing rain keeps dropping in and out of the forecast, which suggests it'll be minor if it happens at all.

    I have the work laptop, so it doesn't matter much either way. Need to get to it.

  3. This sustained cold is the primary reason why I didn't move back to Alaska. And of course it's actually warmer in Anchorage this morning at 5am than it is south of Dayton at 9. SIGH.

    On the upside, we get our second fresh grocery delivery today and last week's haul was fantastic. The produce was fresher than any we've seen in ages, especially the lettuce, which had become entirely useless at all local grocers. We had green leaf salad, mixed fruit salad, fresh veggie sticks prepped for snacking, broccoli soup, roasted fingerling potatoes, blueberry muffins + gluten free blueberry muffins for E, corn & onion saute from Indiana sweet corn flash frozen last season, and meat loaf from local beef. The meat was great, but the local milk I tried out was a little TOO fresh for me; I like cows but I really don't want to taste that much cow in my cereal. Fortunately the delivery service also stocks all the Organic Valley dairy stuff so I've ordered that for this week. I am so grateful to have found this service during this season.

  4. Andi, yeah, me, too. I was really surprised about the PT appointment. In fact, they had me schedule all 4 appointments right then because of the long time involved. This is a huge practice with a gajillion offices in the area and they are the orthos/PT for the local pro football team with the unfortunate name.

    Jen, yummy! That sounds like a great service.

    We're all weather-crazy here, too with no idea if we're getting 2" or 20" of snow/ice/whatever. I'm really so very tired of winter.

  5. Loverly! I wish it warm enough to snow here. Sigh. As much as I love winter, I'm having a hard time with all the subzero.

  6. We're good today but there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow night. Rescheduled all my Thursday things for tomorrow.

  7. I am so DONE with winter. Last night it was zero. AGAIN. It snowed twice this week. Since I switched jobs a couple of years ago I no longer park in an attached underground parking garage, so I have to cross the street to get to my building, through the slush. And my windshield wiper fluid in my car froze! That never happened before. End Rant//

    That's a beautiful winter picture. Remind me to look at it again next summer when it is 103. :)