Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Oddities

Taken December 27 & 29, 2013.
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  1. Morning all. Snow accompanied by a howling wind is making me look forward to my trip in town to get my physical even less. Only good weather news so far is that the temps are warmer than forecast by 10 degrees (27 now instead of 17) so if they salted the main roads they shouldn't be in too bad.

  2. Spoke too soon. The temp has dropped 12 degrees since I posted that comment. And the schools have all closed. Somebody send the St. Bernard with brandy for me if you don't hear from me by tomorrow. ;)

  3. Eeek, be careful driving Andi! May your appointment go well and may all the news be good news.

    Best wishes to you all for a safe, warm day.

  4. I second what Jen said, Andi.

    We are expecting snow around noon. I just hope it holds off long enough for me to get to and from my appointment with no trouble.

    Stay warm and dry all!

  5. Ugh -- comes close to getting a hair cut! ;-) Hope the apt goes well and you stay warm. xo

  6. Love the medallion leaf ... and love how you paired it with the hanging nut! :D

    1. There's some sort of comment to be made about hanging nuts but my mother raised me right so I'm not going to make it.

  7. Thanks all for worrying. Roads were miserable but no real problem so long as you were careful. On the upside, the bad roads meant there were cancellations and not only did I get through at the doctor's without having to wait, I was able to get my annual boob-mashing done too.

  8. Hooray for doc visits achieved! Sadly, my eye doc called me yesterday and asked me to reschedule - which was a pretty good idea, since it's been coming down here from about 10 a.m. and hasn't stopped. By it, I mean that pretty white fluffy stuff that looks awesome from a window but is a bitch to drive in.

    I worked at home today to avoid having to try to drive this afternoon. Hoping that our building's parking lot and side roads are plowed by morning. Having a bit of stir crazy since I had yesterday off, so haven't actually left my apartment in 5 days.

    Happy Tuesday!