Saturday, January 11, 2014

Staying Power

Taken December 20, 2013.

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  1. Happy Weekend all. We went up to Indy yesterday and saw the Matisse [LINK] exhibit at Indianapolis Museum of Art. It was fantastic and fascinating.

    What can I say, Jen but Hey Jude, don't make it bad.

    Makes me wonder, Dina, if I went to Israel if I'd find a lot of Sipporahs -- not that I'd answer to that name anyway. :)

    Hope everything gets better with the relatives, Larry.

  2. Taking a sad song and making it better since [Dr. Seuss and the Doobie Brothers taught me rhyme and rhythm in] 1973.

    I'll take the Fs' photography over Matisse every time.

    Good grief, Larry, I hope your in-laws are okay. Healing, supportive wishes to you all.

    We smelled burning plastic in the house last night and spent nearly an hour (a very grumpy hour) sourcing the smell back to a table lamp which had begun to melt from inside the lighting fixture. It is not the only model of this lamp in this house, YIKES, so I've got to get out and buy some new table lamps lest we be faced with a forced choice between fire and darkness. Anyone know where I can find a high quality American made product? lol j/k

    Wishing you all a fine day.

    1. Thanks for saying that. OTOH, I'd trade pretty much all my photographs for the kind of mind that could dream up the Jazz cutouts.

  3. Tuesday morning, we were flirting with below zero. Thus morning, it's 55F and tornado warnings. Bipolar weather in the free-range insane asylum. Historically, this kind of weather in January leads to less crazy weather in April, so there's a silver lining in those clouds.

    Inlaws should be coming home today, at least the father in law will. Big V's kidneys are all but hosed, so they're hoping to see some improvement there before they send her home.

    Stay warm, dry, and storm-free, y'all.

    1. We didn't get the 50s but we've gone from -13 to 45 in that same time span. Pretty freaky.

  4. Larry, hope everyone gets better soon! And Jen-Jude, love it.

    Happy weekend, everyone!

  5. The father in law is home, yay! Now for Big V. Maybe early next week.

    I get my Miata (with new timing belt) tomorrow. Managed to get at least a catnap today!