Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowy Acts of Art

Taken December 6, 8, and 11, 2013.
Click images to see larger versions


  1. Too damn cold morning here to say anything but it's -11 out.

  2. No it isn't. It's just too damn cold for me to remember to tell you all that Whit called last night to see how everybody was doing. He was in the hospital for awhile but is okay now and had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas with his family.

  3. Love those shots!

    It's zero, or close enough that it doesn't matter, here. I wanted to bring the dogs into the garage, but the wife said The Boy had spread hay in & around the houses. I went out to check on them last night a couple times, and they looked comfortable enough. Mongo, who is Buster T. Butthead's pup and looks just like him, was even curled up outside & looked content. It was a lot windier then, too. His back fur was cold, but his paws were warm. Fur coats FTW, right?

    Here's to a rapid warmup!

  4. Andi, thanks for letting us know Whit's okay. I think about him and that little dog often and I'm glad to know he had good holidays.

    It was nearly 40 below last night (-15F raw temp plus wind chill factor) and one of our local weather nerds was super excited to announce that it was colder here than at the north pole. The Miami River is mostly frozen over and generating its own fog, and folks were entertaining themselves by throwing boiling water into the air and watching it turn instantly into snow. We're still well below zero, though forecast to come up to a balmy high of 11F this afternoon.

    Candis, holy hell, you Canadians are on a tear with introducing new and disturbing things to the world, as through Canadian media I learn about frost quakes. Did you have any in your area with this storm system? The idea of them freaks me out. My lizard brain would be sure the ground booms were the precursor to some kind of snowshark event, like a Jaws theme scored by nature. ;p

    Meanwhile, I pruned successfully and was rewarded with 9 hours of sleep last night! ::takes anarchy flag for a victory lap::

  5. It is cold here but not as cold as you guys have it. Making me feel all warm and cozy!

  6. Hugs to Whit.

    It's bloody cold, yup. -14 wind chill. VERY happy that my car is in a garage @ the mimes (though not at home).

    Sending all of us warm thoughts today.

  7. Woo hoo -- we're all the way up to 5 degrees! But still below zero with the wind chill (-8).

  8. ok, I LOVE these pics. :)

    We are now up to 21 degrees! And it feels like it is 13!! I'm sending it east to you and then on to Jen!

    I've had a bit of a cold and cough the last few days so the idea of shoveling wasn't pleasant AND the idea of shoveling in subzero temps was even less appealing. So I've been working from home. But I did just go out and clear in front of my garage door so that I can maybe get out tomorrow.

    Very glad to hear that Whit is safely out of the hospital. :)

  9. Love the photos too Andi!

    Stay warm everyone!

    Jen, lol ... yes, sounds like gun shots. My dad said he woke up thinking a plane or something had fallen on the roof. Frost quakes and polar vortexes ... what's next!