Monday, January 27, 2014

Outrunning the Snow

Taken January 2, 2013.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Yay for wrong forecasts -- we only went from 42 at midnight to 13 degrees now (instead of 5). I'll take that 8 degree error and hope it sticks around so that we don't make it to tonight's forecast low of -9.

    Wishing everyone a much warmer Monday morning (even if you have to get by staying inside).

  2. Definitely a good error!

    Despite a low of 37 at the manor last night, there were icy patches on the roads this morning. The local cops were flagging everyone down & telling us about it. Even the weather on Planet Georgia has no logic.

    It's supposed to get cold again. That polar vortex keeps looking for warmer weather, and it keeps running away.

  3. We have another weather advisory today - ice on the roads. But at least it is above 0 degrees so I am happy.

    Love the picture, Andi!

  4. Great picture! Stay warm, y'all.

  5. Love the ears in that picture! Currently up to six below here and we finally get to turn the heat back up—we were under a use as little as possible order for natural gas for the last 48 hours because of the trans-Canada pipe explosion. Was supposed to start the new book but my brain is full of mold today.

  6. Blogged about my first day of jury duty. Seems like criminalizing everything is having unintended consequences.