Saturday, January 18, 2014

Last Blooms of Winter

Taken December 27 & 31, 2013.
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  1. Morning all. Hope everybody has a fine Saturday.

    I dunno, Jen. My 63-year tush seems to be happy with its just hanging out there state. :)

    I'm going to the doctor for my regular physical this week and the dentist next, Maria -- maybe when women hang out on the internet their doctor cycles get in unison. :D

    Doesn't seem like such a bad resolution to break, Larry. Write on!

    Last frost flowers for a year, Dina -- wish they were a bit better of a good-bye bouquet but hope you enjoy them anyway.

    I'm really looking forward to those pics, Kelly.

  2. Yeah I've heard that you Hoosiers are basically all relaxed nudists, but I don't want to wind up being youtube-shamed for plumber's crack when I was just bending over at the store trying to buy a sack of lentils. ;p

    I have to do the dentist too, and the mammogram again, ugh. Which pill can I take to suppress my doctor cycle? Whichever one it is, it's almost certainly more reasonably priced in Canada (USA #1), and it will probably cause weight changes which will bring about the return of the plumber's crack no matter how much technology one has in one's pants.

    Did anyone else see the premiere of True Detective on HBO with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson? I think these actors are both underrated in the sense that they are both treated more like party-boys than talented dramatic performers, but despite their off-screen antics and goofy stoner roles, I've always thought they both had real acting chops, and it looks like this series (set up as an anthology with a new cast & story each season) will give them a chance to show off. Story might be good, too.

    Wishing you all a great weekend.

    1. I think they're both very good actors but they both had such a tendency to go for macho swagger that I like them a lot better when they are teamed with someone that plays against that (e.g. Zombieland).

    2. Interesting; I wound up not liking Zombieland because Eisenberg's performance turned me off. The first thing that always comes to my mind for Harrelson is his role in Cheers, so even while I recognize consciously that actors aren't their characters, my lizard brain tends to read him less macho and more like an idiot gone missing from his village, heh.

      Both McConaughey & Harrelson are cast as homicide investigators in True Detective; uneasy partners in a past timeline, and being interviewed separately post-fallout/breakup by other investigators in a present-day timeline. McConaughey's character is in sort-of a permanent state of existential crisis and he is a hot mess of gifted acting already, and Harrelson's substantively calmer character strikes me initially as a stealthy sociopath. Good camera work in this first ep, too.

      Well, I'm stuck home with this weather because the garage is frozen shut until at least noon, and even if it weren't, the Mustang dislikes winter almost as much as a real pony so I am going to re-watch the pilot today, combing more closely for clues and enjoying the performances again.

      Hope you all enjoy your day, whatever you're getting up to.

    3. I loved Zombieland but I have to admit it mostly because of Emma Stone's character and the bit with Bill Murray.

  3. Hi, all. Andi, I love the flowers. Thanks.

    I am also of the let the tush hand where it will brigade but I do like it covered. I really don't want to see your underwear or worse!

    Happy Saturday all.

  4. I had no opportunity to admire wintry displays yesterday. Chainsaw in hand, I cut almost enough to fill the truck. I'm finally getting into the heart of the deadfall, where there are big dry pieces to hack away at. The Boy seems to enjoy wielding the maul after I tire, but there's some that require a hydraulic splitter. We're picking up a new one today.

    Fair warning: "The Sorcerer's Daughter" is going into a Cover Wars contest next month. So one time, I'll beg y'all to bookmark a site & come vote every day. :-) just once.

    Looking forward to a day off tomorrow. Maybe we'll cut some more firewood.

  5. Larry, a hydraulic splitter, I'm so jealous.

    Andi, did you see Larry has a splitter.