Monday, December 9, 2013

Wandering Off

Taken November 8, 2013.

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  1. We had a family gathering yesterday (very late Hanukkah celebration) and it must have wiped me out because I slept until 6:15 which is something like a miracle for me. Hope everybody has a miracle Monday.

  2. Here there be ice & snow. Not a lot of the latter, but enough of the former to bring down some trees, some power lines, etc. My immediate area is okay, though a transformer blew nearby in the middle of the night, and tons of folks without power. Most roads are clear in the more travelled areas.

    I'm working from home today, primarily because this weather = fibro flare and really painful achy muscles. I'm sitting at my desk with heating pads right now. Owie!

    Hope everyone is staying safe & warm.

  3. The rain and snow are here as well. I am home waiting for the packers to finish packing everything so the installers can finish installing the new carpet on Wed. It will take months for me to get everything back but I am using it to cull things so that is good.

  4. Been somewhere between single digits positive and negative here. Book's in, but all the things that got sidelined during the writing have keep me crazy busy on an ongoing basis. And now I'm off to New Zealand in a couple of weeks. Hope things are going generally well for all the folk here.