Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sunset Rainbow and Sunset Sky

First rainbow I've ever seen at our house, taken November 17, 2013.
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  1. Happy Saturday all. I know that isn't a very good rainbow photo but since it had never happened before, I had to post it. Please excuse my self-indulgence. :)

  2. Lovely picture, Andi.

    Happy weekend, all!

  3. I think it's pretty, too. :) Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

  4. Agree with Dina and Jen -- it's really pretty! And so neat to have a rainbow like that against the pink clouds. Hope you're having a good w/e.

  5. Thanks for compliments on the rainbow photo.

    According to our rain gauge, we got a bit over 5 inches of rain in the last 36 hours. The most amazing part of this rain system was that it was so huge and had so much rain in it that the entire southern half of the state had flash flood warnings last night.

  6. About the same rainfall over here. Everywhere I went yesterday was already in a puddle. Some of the creeks have flooded, the rivers were peaking overnight, and it is still coming down out there. But at least we've rounded the darkest corner and will be getting a little light back every day until it warms up again.

    1. Looking at the radar, it looks like you are getting a last hurrah of a skinny line of rain which should be over really soon.

      The upside of all this rain for me is that Sniff and Bebo are as soft as a Steiff teddy bear.

  7. The rain was supposed to hold off until yesterday afternoon here. Instead, we woke up to rain. So much for cutting firewood.

    But, the Miata has a leaky brake caliper, so I got the part yesterday ($65, after I bring in the defective one) and plan to install it this afternoon. Hooray for having a garage.

    Here's hoping the rain stays outside for everyone!