Monday, December 16, 2013

Happiness is a Dog on a Log

Taken November 10 & December 1, 2013.
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  1. After today we're above freezing for at least the next six days so goodbye snowy dog feet and hello muddy ones. And a good Monday to all.

  2. Hi everyone. E & I are ever so slowly hauling ourselves back into the land of the snot-free living, and it is an even longer and more uncomfortable flight than the one to New Zealand, blegh. Where is the complaint desk? Didn't they used to have complaint desks? I have many complaints.

    Jim, your mother's writing is such a treat, especially a few paragraphs into an essay, once her "voice" starts to come out. I want to call that piece Chocolate Pigs & Peppermint Sticks.

    Wishing you all a good day, and warm dry boots for the midweek melt.

  3. Jim, that was a fine glimpse into the candy stores of eld. At least in those days, you didn't have to worry about high-fructose corn syrup.

    Cantata is done, outdoor lights are strung, and I'm good & ready to get back to the office, now. ;-) I hear Mason stirring, I think, so we'll be moving soon.

    1. We need to see a picture of your house all lit up at night.

    2. Outdoor lights are admirably ambitious. I took a wreath out of a box in the garage, hung it from a nail on the front porch, and then I had to go lie down.

  4. We can has no snow.
    We can has homemade cookies in the workplace kitchen.
    We can has Monday.

    OTOH, I decided to do a gift-giving pay-it-forward for the fam this year. Instead of buying useless stuff, or donating to a charity (which my sis is doing), I packed up stuff from my place and sent it out. The sis got my Kindle, some socks and a neat little drinks holder for her walker. I sent the stepbro & SIL my not-so-old Sony ereader, and a nifty Reader's Digest book of world fairytales. The book was given to us girls from my mom when I was all of 9. It's fabulous and I hope that my nieces love the stories as much as I have through the years.

    I told them all that I didn't need reciprocation, but to enjoy and pass something else along to someone not me.

    Hope everyone is staying warm!