Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Ornaments?

Taken November 19 & 20, 2013.

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  1. Kind of lucky morning here. We went to Cincy yesterday to have our Christmas celebration with Jim's family. The river that sometimes floods the main highway in the county next to us was several feet above flood stage in the morning and hadn't crested yet. Jim got alerts every hour about it's current level and as it kept rising, we decided we better not linger over desert. This turned out to be a good move as the 4-lane road was down to 2 lanes with water going across all four lanes in spots by the time we got there. They closed the road 25 minutes after we went through. It finally crested at 7 feet above flood stage.

    Now it's really cold (12 degrees) and I'm wondering if the flooded waters on the road will freeze after they recede a bit .

  2. And for those who celebrate it and love anticipation, have a fun Christmas Eve.

  3. So glad you Fs didn't get washed out!

    Merry Happy all the things to all the people. :)

  4. Good luck indeed, Andi. I hope everyone is safe, warm and dry this holiday.

    And of course, I love the pictures!

  5. Happy Eve to all. I'm at the mimes, but no idea when we'll be released, since everyone above my pay grade is on vacation. I'll probably stroll out around 3 if we've not heard differently. I'm certainly not the one to make that decision for the few of us who are here, though!

    Our springy weather turned swiftly back to winter, but at least we'll have some sun.

    Eat well & be merry!