Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ways of Leaving

Taken October 11, 2013.
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  1. And later today I'll be leaving for my mom's to spend the night so I can take her to a first thing in the morning appointment on Thursday. Hope everybody has a better day than me (not that I don't love my mom but she is crazy-making for a variety of reasons, one of which is her constant, tuneless humming).

  2. constant tuneless humming

    Miss Ruby does that and there are indeed days when it is worse than a dentist's drill sans numbing agent. Giving your mother a little catnip and some time at the open window probably won't help in your case, sorry. ;p Safe travels to you Andi, and I hope you two enjoy your time together more than either of you expect.

    Meanwhile, I've been on task from before sunrise until after sunset for a few days now, so I plan to do as little as possible today. Good day to you all.

    1. Actually I do give my mom "catnip" as a way to stop it -- I bring my laptop and play the piano jazz I have in iTunes (e.g., Dave McKenna, Bill Evans, Mary Lou Williams) which she loves and she doesn't even hum along.

  3. Well, I keep flip flopping back & forth about whether to rewrite that scene AGAIN. And my self-imposed deadline is today, which doesn't seem to help. Another thing that didn't help was getting partly unstuck on a different story.

    At least today I'm miming at home and don't have anything pressing.

  4. Good morning everyone!

    I hope everyone has been doing good. Sorry to hear about your trip today Andi, but I hope your trip there and back will be a pleasant and safe one. I also agree with Jen - Catnip is the answer or thereof the human equivalent would be good.

    Jen I hope you can slack off all you want to today. I've always found slacking brings out the best in people. Well at least the best in me.

    Larry I'm glad to hear you can do your miming at home today. But just as I told Jen above, slacking is good too.

    Everyone take care.


  5. Hope everything is going well at mom's.