Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Way Home

The start of our driveway, taken October 21, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Snow's all gone and the temp are going to slowly warm up this week and be in the 60s by the weekend.

  2. Well, it's 18F here at present, so I'm reshuffling grocery shopping back on the to-do list for later in the week because to hell with 18F. Hope you all have a good day, whatever you get up to.

  3. 22F here at the Manor. I never did get the wick adjusted properly in that kerosene heater I have for the garage. Maybe I can get to it this week. I also need fresh kerosene.

    Anyway, the precip decided to wait for warmer days to come. I don't think it *will* snow here when it's 22F. We get snow in a very narrow temp band between 27F & 33F.

    About time to take Mason to school. I'm hoping the inside of the Miata will stay warm enough.

  4. Brrrr, chilly. No snow flurries, except for parts west and north of here, but the cold, OMG. I am so not ready. Definitely dressed in layers today. The warm is coming back tomorrow, thank goodness. At least I can eke out a bit more of fall weather.

    Happy Wednesday!