Monday, November 4, 2013


Taken October 4, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. My waking up time is slowly adjusting to the end of DST. Today I slept 10 minutes (4:22) later than yesterday. I guess it's another way that the cliche time marches on is true.

  2. I woke up at 5:30, but that was because Mason squawked in his sleep. Then Daughter Dearest got up to get off to school. I did manage to doze for another hour, anyway, so I feel unusually OK for a Monday morning.

    This one scene I have to rewrite to finish Sorcerer's Daughter is pretty tough, because it's tying together the emotional components of the two major subplots. I'm going to try to have it by tomorrow. At least I'm not nuts enough to try NaNo. :-P

  3. Sweet picture.

    You early birds can have all of my worms!

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  5. What a look!

    BWT, Deep underwater with two major deadlines in the next 26 days. Back more in Dec.

  6. Or even "BTW"...sigh. Brain is no braining and I need to go edit. Yay?

    1. Regardless of the typos, I'm glad you stopped by to let us know you're still out there. :)

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    1. Bebo is absolutely aggressive in her quest for the ultimate in relaxation.

  8. What a great portrait, love it.

    Kelly, it's serendipitous to see you today -- I've had disturbing dreams about you for the past two nights. You were in some kind of distress and you kept calling out for help but I couldn't get to you for mysterious Dream Reasons. Good to know you're just busy; be careful with yourself, brother.

    Good day to you all!

  9. Jen, stressed but otherwise not distressed. Burning the candle from the middle as well as at both ends with 99,000 words of edits and at least 13,000 new in 8 days, so not too far off of distress. If I can knock off another 13,000 in edits and write a 1,000 today I will be done with one book and still on pace with the other. Not trying to hold both in my head at the same should make like much easier. You take care too.

    Andi, :-D yep, still alive. And never ever going to let myself get into this particular bind again.

    Everybody else, I hope life is treating y'all wonderfully.

    And, diving in again.