Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Last Glimpse of Summer

Last photo to be posted from Summer 2013

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning all. And today is also the last day in the 70s. For the next week at least, we're into normal October weather with highs in the low 60s and upper 50s. I'm glad to see the cooler temps arrive.

  2. Morning Andi,

    I envy your temps, but we still have some mid-80's days. Soon the real cold weather will be coming here, say 50s-60s. :)

    Everybody have a good day!


  3. We have been having beautiful autumn weather. 70s but no 80s. I am so glad it is cooler!

  4. A beautiful glimpse ... not ready for bare trees and snow yet!

  5. Still hanging in the 70s here, until the weekend at least. Leaves haven't really started turning yet, but our peak shifted to November a while ago. We may not get frost this month, which would be the third frost-free October in a row (and fourth out of the last five years). But hey, we still got half the month to get through.

    Need to get to bed; gotta take Mason again. I got the Virago all prepped to ride again, so of course it's going to rain tomorrow and Thursday. :-P